Letter from the Founders

It started with just one opportunity given to us by generous people like you.

At a very young age, our family was scattered across the globe. We immigrated to The United States in 1991 when an anonymous donor created the opportunity for our family to be whole again.

Lauronjo Yunana

Lauronjo Yunana

Sarah Yunana

Sarah Yunana

Gado Saukah

Gado Saukah

Lalle Gado

Lalle Gado

Our grandparents inspired the name of our organization.
Yunana means “Jonah”
Gado means “ Inheritance”

The Jonah Inheritance is their legacy.

Family going in the health center

Our family reuniting after being separated.

Dr. Samkon performing a surgery

Dr. Samkon performing a 4.5 hour surgery on “Musa” in 2020

This generous act created the environment that would change our lives forever. Through the continued generosity of many others, Dr. Samkon Gado would go on to play in the NFL for six years, graduating from medical school and becoming an Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon. Ruth Gado Coleman would work in the non-profit sector, earn several degrees, and pursue her doctorate. Now we want to do the same for others.

While working in a Nigerian hospital during his ENT residency, Dr. Gado saw very talented African physicians treating extremely ill patients under even worse conditions.  He wondered what could these expert physicians accomplish under better conditions. The Jonah Inheritance was founded in 2019 to answer that question by reimagining healthcare from a Gospel perspective so that the suffering is made whole.


We work to create an environment for African physicians to bring hope to the suffering. Our focus is on returning to our homeland and making healthcare a reality for many.

Eternally grateful,

Ruth Gado Coleman & Dr. Samkon Gado

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Samkon Gado

Samkon Gado MD.
Co-founder | Board Chairman

Dr. Gado attended Liberty University from 2001 to 2005, where he completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotions with Honors. After completing his undergraduate studies, he played in the National Football League from 2005 to 2010.

Dr. Gado retired from the NFL and pursued a career in medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina from 2011 to 2015. He completed his Ear, Nose, Throat residency at St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2015.

Dr. Gado is a Blue Ridge Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery partner in Lynchburg, VA. Dr. Gado is married to Rachel, and they have four sons.

Ruth Gado Coleman

Ruth Gado Coleman
Co-founder | CEO

Mrs. Coleman has a MA in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, B.S. Bible, and BSW from Cairn University. Ruth is a doctoral student at Columbia International University in the Ph.D. Organizational Leadership program.

Ruth has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector with an extensive knowledge and understanding of providing comprehensive generalist practice and leadership in organizations that serve disadvantaged populations.

Ruth’s purpose in life is to bring hope and healing to individuals and communities suffering. Ruth is married to Jason, and they have two daughters.

Rev.(Dr.)Jeremiah & Grace Gado

Rev.(Dr.)Jeremiah & Grace Gado
TJI Nigeria Executive Directors

Rev. (Dr.) Jeremiah and Grace Gado have a combined 79+ years of experience in various levels in Nigeria and beyond. As respected leaders in the Nigerian community they play the vital role of providing leadership in implementing The Jonah Inheritance’s strategic goals as well as bringing credibility to the region.

Rev. (Dr.) Jeremiah Gado is a former Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) president. During his six-year term as President of ECWA, he introduced many reforms including: increasing the revenue-generating capacity of ECWA and laid the foundation for the future of the organization by spearheading the formation and strengthening of 4 companies- ECWA Central Pharmacy Ltd, ECWA Productions Ltd, ECWA Development Finance Scheme Limited, GOWANS Microfinance Bank Limited, and ECWA Rural Development Limited. He oversaw a large network of churches with over 15 million members, several seminaries and hospitals, and over 3200 missionaries in the most populous country in Africa. 

Grace Gado has over 30 years of working as a teacher and administrator in the Nigerian and American school systems. Rev. Jeremiah and Grace Gado have five children and six grandchildren.

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Our Values

We are Christ-centered

Jesus is the reason why we do what we do. We live to make Him known.

We are people of integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We are pro-poor

In everything we do, we do it for the least of these.

We are community-led

We are committed to partnering with native communities in addressing the healthcare crisis in Nigeria.

We are data-driven

We value quality and innovation and take the time and do what is needed to obtain both.

We will leave a lasting legacy

We believe in sustainability. We're playing the long game.

Our Methods

At The Jonah Inheritance, we create solutions that leverage opportunities and resources for African physicians to serve at all levels of care.

We believe in working for the best interests of the most vulnerable people. We create sustainable and scalable healthcare networks by building on the strengths of our physicians and their communities. This involves partnering with in-country doctors and medical staff and equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to properly treat those most in need.

Driven by Christ-centered evidence-based models, we’re focused on improving Nigerians’ communities and long-term health.

Now that you know who we are — take a look at who we are trying to reach!

The Jonah Inheritance Medical Center