Letter from The Founders

We’re So Glad You’re Here.

The fact that you took the time to get to know us humbles us. You didn’t have to. But you did.

We’re from a small rural village in north-central Nigeria. One you can’t find on a map. Our biggest inspirations are Jesus, our grandparents, and our parents. So much so that we named The Jonah Inheritance after them.

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Jonah Inheritance is the English translation of our grandparents' names on both sides. Yunana means "Jonah," and Gado means "Inheritance." We're also inspired by the passage in Matt 12:41, where Jesus tells everyone he is the only remedy for the brokenness in this world.





We named the organization after our grandparents, whose commitment to the Lord inspires us today.

-Our grandparents and our parents loved Jesus and loved people. Regardless of religion, creed, or tribe, they invested in people. And gave whatever they could to help someone in need. Now we’re paying it forward.

While working in a Nigerian hospital during his ENT residency, Dr. Gado saw very talented African physicians treating extremely ill patients under even worse conditions. He wondered what these talented physicians could accomplish under better conditions. The Jonah Inheritance was founded to answer that question by reimagining healthcare from a Gospel perspective to make the suffering whole.

The heart of our work is centered around the people of Nigeria receiving complete healing through meeting Jesus and having healthcare that last generations.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re committed to doing things the right way for good or not at all. For every man, woman, and child. Just like Jesus did.

We can’t say it enough. We’re so grateful you’re here & excited to turn Nigeria upside down together.

With gratitude,

Dr. Samkon Gado & Dr. Ruth Gado Coleman

Co-founders of The Jonah Inheritance

Ruth Gado Coleman & Dr. Samkon Gado

Dr. Ruth Gado Coleman & Dr. Samkon Gado as children in Nigeria.

Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated men and women who love Jesus and make serving the most vulnerable possible.


Samkon Gado, MD

Co-Founder | Board Chairman

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Ruth Gado Coleman, PhD

Co-founder | CEO

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Rev. (Dr.) Jeremiah Gado

TJI Nigeria | Executive Director

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Mrs. Grace Gado

TJI Nigeria | Director of Domestic Partnerships

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Dr. David Tulfukut

TJI Nigeria | Medical Program Coordinator

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Our Values




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