Talent is universal. Opportunities are not.- Rye Barcott

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Help create opportunities for Africans to reach their full potential.

Impact in Africa

We provide opportunities and resources for African doctors to serve at all levels of healthcare. We create sustainable and scalable healthcare networks by building on the strengths of our physicians and their communities. Driven by Christ-centered evidence-based models we're focused on improving the communities and long-term health of Nigerians and beyond.


Meeting Opportunities for Health In Africa

The Jonah Inheritance creates health systems that provide primary care as well as access to safe and affordable surgical care. We do this by starting at the local level.


Create primary care medical centers operated by African doctors.


Deploy an information management system to collect and collate medical data.


Establish a sustainable healthcare financing model.


Scale high-functioning outpatient surgical centers.


Launch ancillary services to support the work of our primary care medical centers and surgical centers.


Duplicate the model in other underserved African communities.


A Strategic Approach Delivering Substantial Outcomes

The Jonah Inheritance focuses on local physicians, investing our resources to equip and empower those best positioned to serve the community. We do this through an ownership structure that radically affects the overall prosperity and health of the people and communities we serve.


It started with an opportunity of a lifetime. At a young age, co-founders Dr. Samkon Gado and Ruth Gado Coleman were given a opportunity to come to The United States from their home country Nigeria. This opportunity change their lives forever. Dr. Samkon Gado was able to play in the NFL for six years, graduate medical school and become an Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon. Ruth Gado Coleman was able to work in the non-profit sector, earn multiple degrees and is pursuing her doctorate.

After a month-long ENT residency in Nigeria in which Dr. Gado saw talented African physicians working in an infrastructure not suitable to meet their needs, The Jonah Inheritance was founded in 2019 with the vision to reimagine healthcare from a Gospel perspective so that the suffering are made whole.