The Jonah Inheritance Medical Center.

Help us build a new high-quality medical center that provides safe and affordable surgical care to those who need it most.

-Our team of hardworking physicians and medical staff have the ability and passion for sharing the love of Jesus while providing care for generations to come. They don’t have the right facility or environment to do it in.

Now we're ready to build on our 30+ acre property.

-To play the long game, Nigerian doctors need the right infrastructure to provide medical care for generations to come. We’re beginning with one medical center in one community, one doctor at a time.

Doctor performing a procedure

In 2021, Dr. Gado performed a 4-hour surgery on a patient who had swallowed a partial denture. Normally this is a 15-30 minute procedure in the US. He performed this surgery with very limited and outdated equipment and supplies

Every day talented Nigerian physicians work under poor conditions, and patients suffer from preventable conditions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe seed is only as good as the soil it’s in. When doctors have what they need to thrive, patients thrive.

Two Nigerian male adults

This purpose-built facility will provide a high level of care that will last for the next 50 years and beyond.

Building Our Own Facility Will:

Give us a permanent space that we can depend on.

Allow us to expand our capacity to care for more women and children.

Focus on providing high-value patient care at affordable rates to ensure economic sustainability.

Our New Medical Center Will Provide:

Well-Child Clinical Care

Women’s Health

Preventative Medicine

Outpatient Surgical Care




little girl holding a thank you sign


Our desire is for every facility we build to be operationally sufficient. After each facility is completed, we’ll work toward further operational sustainability by developing a community insurance scheme.

Our goal is for every single one of our facilities to be operationally sustainable.

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