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The Remedy is an incredible community of monthly givers committed to improving the health of Nigerians by investing in their physicians. Every month your donations empower communities to thrive, make Christ known and people’s lives prosper.

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These aren’t just passive monthly donations. Nigerians need sustainable solutions. As a member of The Remedy, you’re building up the capacity of Nigerians and providing enduring solutions to ensure healthcare is plentiful and affordable for generations to come.

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With so much heartache and injustice going on in the world, it’s so easy to feel immobilized by it all and not know how to make an impact, especially in certain seasons of life. Having a newborn, we’re even more aware of how fragile and precious life is and therefore even more committed to supporting the mission of Jonah Inheritance. We love that we can support a mission/team that’s committed to being Jesus’ hands and feet, knowing that our support helps directly impact lives across Africa.

Nina & Chase W.

We have chosen to support the Jonah Inheritance because of the character of its leadership and their noble vision. It truly grieved us to learn about the inaccessibility of healthcare for Nigerians for basic medical needs. We stand with the Christ-centered empowerment of the people of Nigeria to build and fortify their healthcare system. It’s a blessing to our souls to be able to witness the Jonah Inheritance’s vision come into fruition because of financial support like ours.

Ebony & Chuck Banks

Several different factors drew our family to become avid supporters of the Jonah Inheritance Project from the beginning. First, as a nurse, I am aware that we have medical care here in the United States available at every corner... CVS clinics, "doc in a box" facilities abound, major trauma centers and birthing center competing for our loyalty in almost every city. Most of us have some form of insurance that helps us obtain the best in not only care, but preventative care. Medications are available in every store and our over the counter availability as well as nutritional supplements bombard us on a daily basis from the media.  To realize that our brothers and sisters in Christ are dying because there is NOTHING nearby for miles to seek medical attention for infection, complicated births, trauma and simple treatment for BP, cataracts that we here  have cared for quickly and competently.

Dough & Karen Forman

We have been blessed to partner in ministry with the Gado family for many years. They faithfully dedicate their hearts and resources to God’s work in advancing His kingdom.  They are faithful with the gifts, energy, and finances that are entrusted to them. Though we are unable to be with them physically in the groundbreaking work of developing a network of quality medical care for their fellow Nigerians, it is our honor and privilege to support the effort of The Jonah Inheritance through prayer and financial support.

Stan & Tina Catchings

It Starts with You

The decision to be a part of enduring change starts with YOU. You’re accelerating the vision and improving the lives of those in need.

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