Dough & Karen F.

Several different factors drew our family to become avid supporters of the Jonah Inheritance Project from the beginning. First, as a nurse, I am aware that we have medical care here in the United States available at every corner... CVS clinics, "doc in a box" facilities abound, major trauma centers and birthing center competing for our loyalty in almost every city. Most of us have some form of insurance that helps us obtain the best in not only care, but preventative care. Medications are available in every store and our over the counter availability as well as nutritional supplements bombard us on a daily basis from the media. To realize that our brothers and sisters in Christ are dying because there is NOTHING nearby for miles to seek medical attention for infection, complicated births, trauma and simple treatment for BP, cataracts that we here have cared for quickly and competently. Our abundance has made us numb to a hurting world. As the vision was shared from Ruth and Samkon, we knew that the plan was practical and achievable, and God's plan for Nigeria. It was comprehensive and long term. It is finally a way to literally not put a band aid on the situation with short term visits that fix a few issues, but a plan to reach the needs with a clinic, to secure and support locally well trained doctors to care for their Nigerian people, and to send much needed medical supplies and high grade equipment so they can safely and competently treat and save lives. The second factor that made supporting the Jonah Inheritance on a monthly basis is knowing the Gado family. There is a legacy of multiple generations that have faithfully served God wherever they have lived. We go back 30+ years with the Gado family and have seen God lead and bless their lives as they have faithfully sought and obeyed His leading. There is no doubt in our hearts or minds of the mission they have been called to and the integrity with which they will use our gifts. We may not be able to be physically in Nigeria, but our family is excited about being a part of providing resources and finances for God to work.