Mr. Modu w/son

Nurse ENT Practitioner

My 6-year-old boy often falls sick after every two weeks,  he will be admitted, or I will be giving him antibiotics and always I'm always scared of handing him over to other people to manage him, especially removing his tonsils.

Having been in the ENT business, having known what surgery is, I'm just not quite comfortable until when [The Jonah Inheritance} show up, and they were just doing great tonsillectomies, just within 10 minutes tonsils are removed, and patients are well. So I just said, Oh, I have my son, I'm always trying to shield him from surgery, but I think with this, I'm really comfortable with what [they] are doing, and they removed them, and he went back home. And since then, he has been doing good, and he's healthy, back in school, jumping, yelling - doing everything, so I'm so grateful.