Dr. Kardi David


A few days after the training on basic life support facilitated by the Jonah Inheritance, I had a patient in the accident and emergency unit who needed basic life support to survive. I went on with other members of the team on call that night, and we performed CPR on the patient and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, all in a bid to be able to save the patient. After several attempts with CPR, we, unfortunately, lost the patient. That night, as I was reminiscing on the activities of the day and the patient that I had lost, as I usually do, I found something that was worth sharing and that is the fact that I was so sure that we gave that patient all that he needed to survive that night. We gave him with the skills that we acquired and the knowledge of what was the best international practice for him to have a chance at living. And instead of being sad through the night, I had some form of encouragement and I found support in the fact that the training that I had received had helped me to give the patient a chance at survival.